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The CROW’s Policy on AI in Writing 


The CROW is founded on a drive to publish student work, uplift student voices, and help students to polish and improve their academic writing. While AI and language models can be helpful in some writing situations, the CROW feels that the writing we publish should be from students, and as polished as our student authors can make it. We wholeheartedly believe in students’ ability to create high-quality academic writing. Therefore: 

  • All work submitted to the CROW must be student writing. 

  • We seek to minimize rejecting student writing, and AI-generated work is no exception. As part of our pursuit of uplifting and improving student writing, we will judge all submitted work similarly. 

  • If we detect use of AI in submitted work, authors will receive feedback and guidance on changing AI-generated portions to be in-line with the rest of the essay, and of the level we expect of all work that we publish. This is because, as of now, AI-generated work has distinct weaknesses and flaws that we believe human authors can avoid. 

  • We emphatically encourage students to submit work that is wholly written by them, with the understanding that we will be collaborating with authors to polish their work and help them best express their own ideas. 

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