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Q: Is the CROW Journal only about crows?
A: The CROW, which stands for Campus Research and Observational Writings is an on-campus journal that showcases research that is being done by students at the University of Washington-Bothell. Students are welcomes to publish research of any topics, as long as topics are not discriminatory in nature.

Q: Who can publish?
A: Both undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Washington – Bothell can publish their work to the CROW. Students are also welcome to submit papers one submission cycle past graduation.

Q: What can be published?
A: Any type of research paper conducted while at UWB can be published. Any topic or subject matter is welcome, as long as it falls under the guidelines and submission type of of the CROW Journal. Students are also encouraged to submit papers written for classes rather than writing an entirely new paper.

Q: Can students submit a paper that is being worked on?
A: Yes! If there is a paper you are working on for a class, the board would be happy to read and work with authors to prepare papers for publication.

Q: Can there be multiple authors on papers?
A: Multiple authors are perfectly fine for publication.

Q: Can there be pictures in papers?
A: Pictures and graphs can be included in publications if it is the author’s original work. Charts and graphs taken from other research needs to be recreated or have original author(s) permission. Permission is also needed for photography of other people or their work.

Q: What works can be published?
A: Check out the CROW’s submission guideline page. The CROW accepts numerous different submission types. If unsure what you would like to publish under, the editorial board can help to categorize papers.

Q: What is the publishing process like?
A: Publishing utilizes a multi-step process. Once a paper is submitted to the editorial board, members will go through papers and make decisions to either accept or decline a paper. Most likely once a paper is accepted for edits, it will go through multiple stages of conditional acceptances, at this time authors will make continuous improvements with the help of the board to prepare for publication. After conditional acceptances, the paper can be accepted for publishing and then move onto a copy-editing phase, where editors and authors will collaborate to improve words, grammar, and other minor mistakes. After copy-editing author(s) will have made it to the final stage of publishing.

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