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2021 Editorial Board


Alex Blaskovich is a third year undergrad working towards majoring in Interactive Media Design
with a minor in Creative Writing. She is passionate about world building design and animation and
loves to write fantasy novels in her spare time. Currently she is working as a Lead Peer Consultant
at the Writing & Communication Center. She is looking forward to being a part of this year’s

Mickena Butler is a junior at UWB with a major in Health Studies, and a minor in Global
Health. Mickena enjoys listening to and looking for good music, reading, and watching movies
or documentaries in her free time. She works as a CNA caring for fragile disabled children. She
loves learning about public health issues and policies from around the world. Mickena hopes to be
a public health advocate whether it be as a physician, social worker, a nurse, or helping to amend or
create health policies. This is her second quarter with the CROW editorial board.

Aaron Davis will be graduating in 2021 with a B.A. in Health Studies with a double minor in Global
Health and Health Education and Promotion. Their experiences at UWB have included serving on
the Health Studies Curriculum Committee, and undergraduate research assistant appointments with
the Global Health department and the rHEALTH research group. Aaron believes strongly in the
power of community and works as an emergency shelter manager and homeless advocate while
aspiring to do participatory based research in underserved communities to aid in interventions and
reduce health disparities. Aaron’s enthusiasm with research writing and desire to pursue a Masters
of Public Health at UW Seattle upon graduation has led them to join the CROW editorial board to
learn more about the collaborative process of editing and publishing.

Rachel Kudlacz is a senior graduating in June 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Community
Psychology. With her interest in the social sciences, she uses her skills in researching, writing,
editing, and visualizing in her pursuit of presenting science as accessible and understandable for
everyone; with these intentions she joined The CROW Editorial Board. At the moment she utilizes
these skills as a Peer Writing Consultant at the Writing and Communication Center and as the
Creative Director of the Husky Game Development club on campus.

Jordan Nguyen is a Junior undergraduate student currently in the Health Studies major and is
working towards the Biology major. After graduation he intends to work as a medical assistant to
gain experience and to eventually apply to Physician assistant school (PA). Outside his work at the
CROW, Jordan is a research assistant working with Professor Stone on conducting research on
racial disparities in health in order to improve population health outcomes.

Rose O’Connor is a second-year graduate student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing and
Poetics. She received a B.A. in English from Skidmore College in 2018 where she also minored in
Management & Business. She believes our writing skills are key to how our ideas are interpreted
and accepted, and she hopes to one day teach at the college level so as to help others gain the skills
they need to succeed in all their pursuits. She will continue working toward her teaching goal next
fall in the English MA program at Boston College. She currently works as a Lead Peer Consultant
at UW Bothell’s Writing and Communication Center and is quarantining with her family in Rhode

Salome Seifu is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in English Literature. In her free
time, she likes to play video games, draw, read, listen to music, and fantasize about worlds beyond.
She is incredibly excited to be a part of this year’s editorial board on the CROW. She currently
works at UWB’s Writing and Communication Center.

Karina Syrova is a third-year undergraduate student in the Health Studies major with a minor in
Biology. She is passionate about research writing, and learning about effective communication
and editing. Thanks to publishing last year, she was able to join the editorial board. She is excited
to collaborate with other writers in the CROW’s sixth volume. At UWB, Karina works at the
Makerspace remotely and specializes in 3D printing. Outside of schoolwork, you might find her
reading poetry or drawing.

Shahrzad Tehrani is a Junior at UWB working towards her BA in Environmental Studies, and
minoring in Biology and Public Health. She is passionate about science communication and
research writing which led her to join the CROW Editorial Board. She loves the editing process,
particularly helping writers to refine their writing to effectively communicate their ideas, and is
excited to work with authors to publish their work in the CROW. After graduation, she plans to work
with sustainable, ethically-minded businesses, driven by her goal to increase public awareness of
science and empower conscious consumption. Currently, her free time outside of school and work
is spent tending to her plants, baking, and learning about linguistics.

Christine Truong is an undergraduate senior graduating in June 2021 with a Biology degree and
a double minor in Chemistry and Health Studies. After graduating she will be applying to medical
schools, continue volunteering at hospitals and her communities, and work as a medical scribe.
She is an advocate for mental health awareness and takes on many roles in providing accessible
healthcare for her community. She is currently the Vice President of the Biology Club and recently
launched a mentorship program targeting STEM majors and supporting first-generation students.
During her free time, she enjoys creating digital art and enjoying the great outdoors.

Dacia Wagnon is a transfer student and will be graduating with a B.A. in Health Studies in March
2021. She is passionate about students challenging and improving their written communication
skills during their college career. Although public health is her greatest passion, she also deeply
enjoys learning about any and all topics. Since the CROW is a unique space where knowledge,
passions, and writing development intersects; she couldn’t be more honored to be on the editorial
board this year. After graduating, she will pursue a career as a public health professional in a role
where she can advocate for female reproductive health and education access.

Sidra Yousaf is a second year undergraduate student currently majoring in Community Psychology
as well as Biology. She intends on going to medical school and specializing in cardiology. She is
passionate about social justice issues, especially those that take place in healthcare. She currently
works as a Peer Consultant at the Writing and Communication Center at UWB. In her free time, she
enjoys drawing and painting, as well as watching movies.


Andrea Stone, PhD.

Erik Echols

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