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2021 Authors


Karenna Blomberg is a University of Washington Bothell student who will graduate in 2022
with a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication Studies. She conducted the majority of her
research while a student at Everett Community College, where she received her Associate’s degree
in 2019. She would like to give her enduring thanks to Gina Colantino, who mentored her during
the project. Karenna hopes to be able to continue to write about the wonders of storytelling after
graduation, and hopes that her work can convince its readers to think critically about the stories that
they consume and celebrate their value, whatever that may be.

Marina Burandt received her MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics from UWB in 2020. She is
currently pursuing her PhD in Literary Studies at the University of Denver. Her research interests
lie in queer studies and medieval studies, and the unexpected intersections of both. Her previous
writing has focused on dreams, travel, and the self.

Luis Cruz Reyes is an undergraduate senior at the University of Washington Bothell, currently
pursuing a major in Computer science and software engineering. He is working on pursuing a
career in Cyber Security and plans to graduate by 2022. In his free time, he enjoys drawing and
modifying his 3D printer.

Hielen Enyew is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington majoring
in International Relations and minoring in Informatics. She is currently part of the exoplanet
research here at UW Bothell with Dr. Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo. She is also a mentor and a tutor to
incoming and current High School students at the Alene Moris Women's Center with their Making
Connections program. In addition, she volunteers at the Ethiopian church in Seattle and Vine Maple
Place. She is passionate about space and space science. In her free time she likes hiking, telescope
gazing, reading books, watching movies, and spending time with her family.

Catherine Gohar is a University of Washington Bothell senior who will graduate in June 2021 with
a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She is currently a QSC tutor for biology
and chemistry, and she conducts research within the Hillesland Laboratory as an undergraduate
assistant for microbiology and evolution. Throughout the past year, she has delved into many
topics, such as diagnostic tools for SARS-CoV-2, the mitochondrial evolution of sturgeons, and
even the effects of wildfires and mycorrhizae on evergreen forests. She hopes to pursue a career
studying infectious disease treatment and control within one of Seattle’s laboratories as a research
technician after graduation.

Yazzy Ibrahim is graduating in June 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, Law,
Economics, and Public Policy, and a minor in Human Rights. She is passionate about environmental
justice and policy and hopes to join her two passions by working for an environmental department
at a state/federal agency. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading books, growing
plants, and expanding her never ending pineapple collection.

Jakob Johnson is a third year student at the University Washington Bothell, planning to graduate
next year with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. After graduation, he is planning on
applying to pharmacy school, ultimately pursuing a career in pharmaceutical research and drug
design. He is excited to be publishing again in the CROW following his 2019 publication on
Bēowulf, Infallibility through Duality, and his 2020 publication on the effects of salinity on limb
regrowth in starfish, 30 ppt Yields Highest Rate of Limb Regrowth In Luidia Clathrata. In his free
time, Jakob enjoys cooking, writing, and reading classical English.

Nathan June graduated this past March as a post-baccalaureate student with a degree in Physics.
Originally from Kansas City, he has an undergraduate degree in business and worked in Chicago
before moving to Seattle to work in tech-finance. Unsatisfied, he decided to change careers to
something more in line with his lifelong interest in space. At the University of Washington - Bothell,
Nathan has performed research with the Gravitational Wave Astronomy Research Group and the
LIGO Scientific Collaboration, and served as Program Manager for the Space Public Outreach
Team. For his work in the community, supporting youth from underrepresented communities as
they explore STEM education, Nathan was awarded the Husky 100 recognition, and this past year
he was also elected President of the campus Sigma Pi Sigma chapter. Nathan is currently seeking
out physics and engineering internships to focus his candidacy as he continues to plan for graduate

Karina (Aria) Xin-Yi Li is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Software Engineering
with a minor in Biology. Currently, Karina is the president of UW Bothell’s Women in Science
and Engineering (BWiSE) chapter - a club that aims to encourage and assist women in STEM. She
enjoys using technology as a tool to improve and automate the world around her and always strives
to continuously learn. This summer, she is excited to strengthen her skills as a software engineer
by interning at Target.

Jeffery Liao graduates in June 2021 with a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in
Management. He is very passionate about personality assessments to better understand employees
and foster positive work engagement. Jeff enjoys hospitality-related fields and will be working as a
Resident Services Coordinator after graduation. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys watching Warhammer
40k painting tutorials, learning about outdoor survival, and building computers.

Joe Lollo prefers non-gendered pronouns, is an undergraduate student at UW Bothell, as well as a
media artist, a lifelong reader and gamer, and now a published scholar. They are pursuing a B.A. in
Culture, Literature, and the Arts and Media and Communication Studies, based both on their love
of literature and their interest in media practice and theory with new technologies. Joe is applying
to graduate schools next fall and ultimately wants to pursue a Ph.D. in English with the desire to
teach courses and produce academic work surrounding game studies, fan culture/fandom studies,
and science fiction. Aside from this publication, they are a staff writer for The Husky Herald student
newspaper and a research assistant with the Center on Reinventing Public Education. In line with
their goal of working in academia, Joe hopes this is one of many academic articles they publish.

Jeanne Macbeth was born and raised in the Greater Seattle region, in the unceded, ancestral
territory of the Coast Salish peoples. She is grateful to be a guest in these lands and is committed
to showing solidarity for the continued fight for indigenous sovereignty. Jeanne is an artist and
interdisciplinary academic, specializing in qualitative research and creative practice as a means of
investigating larger social issues. She is a research assistant and graduating senior at the University
of Washington, Bothell, triple majoring in 1) Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior, 2) Culture,
Literature, and the Arts, and 3) Interdisciplinary Arts.

Jacqueline R. Monteza is a senior at the University of Washington who will graduate in June 2022
with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Neuroscience. Through her coursework,
she has had the opportunity to explore her interests in the scientific field, and will take part in
undergraduate research in the Biochemistry Department this summer. Volunteering in the ICU
at Swedish Hospital has inspired her to pursue a career in medicine and she plans on applying
to allopathic medical schools after graduation to pursue a focus in Neurology. She hopes that
this professional role will help her better advocate for underrepresented Hispanic/Latino groups
in medicine. In her free time, Jacqueline enjoys baking desserts (preferably those that include
chocolate), going on hikes, and playing the piano and the violin.

Erin Nicholson will graduate in June of 2021 with a BS in Biology and minor in Neuroscience.
She is especially interested in reproductive health and developmental biology and hopes to get
into embryology after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling with her husband,
fitness, and baking.

YeJi Oh graduated from the University of Washington Bothell in Winter of 2021 with a Bachelor
of Science in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She has a passion for helping others and has
participated in volunteer programs from Swedish Hospital in the past. Currently, she is working
as a physical therapist aide and in getting her EKG technician certificate to gain more experience
in the medical field. In the future, she plans on becoming a physician assistant to better serve
underrepresented communities. In her free time, she likes to immerse herself in the magical world
and learn more about our wondrous universe. YeJi is thankful for the opportunity to have worked
with the CROW to publish her group research paper.

Anirudh Prasad is an undergraduate student who is majoring in Computer Science and Software
Engineering and minoring in Business Administration. He is the president of the UW Bothell chapter
of the UW Blockchain Society, and is planning on graduating in 2022. Anirudh is passionate about
up-and-coming technologies and is pondering pursuing research opportunities in the future. In his
free time, he likes hiking and reading.

Shushmitha Radjaram is a junior majoring in Computer Science and minoring and Mathematics.
She leads the technical side of the exoplanet atmospheres research she is a part of. She enjoys
finding new ways to implement computer programming and data science in her research team’s
data extraction, management, and analysis processes. This Summer, Shushmitha is furthering
her computer science and data intelligence skills through a Business Intelligence Engineering
Internship at Amazon. She is also a dancer on Natya UW- The University of Washington’s award-winning
Indian classical dance team.

Madhav Rajkondawar is an undergraduate student who is a senior at UW Bothell pursuing a
major in Computer Science and Software Engineering, with a minor in Data Science. He is the
vice-president of UW Blockchain Society at the Bothell Campus and plans to graduate in 2021.
Madhav is interested in building products that will make an impact in a large way in the world and
the way we live. In his free time, he likes to listen to music, play outdoor sports, and watch movies.

Annika G. Rundberg Bunney is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from the Pacific Northwest.
Her work focuses on memory and how it intertwines with imagination, history, and the environment.
She is currently in her second year of a Creative Writing and Poetics MFA at UW Bothell where her
thesis includes long exposure, uncertain perceptions of reality, and Edgar Allan Poe. She has been
published in Clamor (2020) and The Journal of Occurrences (2018).

Sumaiya Sathar is a Senior at the University of Washington graduating with a BS in Microbiology
and a BA in Medical Anthropology and Global Health. She works as an Administrative Assistant
at the UWMC General Internal Medicine Roosevelt Clinic. She also tutors writing, chemistry, and
math and teaches religious studies. Sumaiya manages a small business to help refugees and often
volunteers with local schools, mosques and non-profit organizations. She is passionate about using
science and technology to find solutions to global problems. In her free time she enjoys reading
books and spending time with family.

Mehran Serai is a UW Bothell senior who will graduate in August 2021 with a BS in Biology
and a minor in Chemistry. In her last year of undergrad she participated in research with the UWB
Biochemistry Department. After graduation, she plans to get a job in the medical field for a year to
gain experience. She then hopes to continue her education by applying to medical school to pursue
a career in dermatology. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and baking.

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