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2020 Authors


GRACE BOULANGER graduated in 2019 with a BA in Culture, Literature, and the Arts and a minor in Classical Studies. As a UWB alum, Grace is enjoying some time off before applying for graduate school and pursuing a doctoral degree. Grace’s primary research interests are in oral narratives and death studies, how the two intertwine, and ultimately affect our understanding of dying and storytelling. When not reading about cadavers and forms of necromancy, Grace enjoys painting, walking around Greenlake, and using copies of ‘The Stranger’ to create grayscale collages.


WYNTER BROUSSARD will graduate in June 2020 with a BS in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. After graduating, Wynter plans to continue researching exoplanets; first in a PhD program, and ultimately for their career. They are the student leader of the exoplanet atmospheres research group, the student manager of the Space Public Outreach Team, and a member of the gravitational wave astronomy research group. Wynter is an advocate of scientific outreach, physics, and HD 189733b, which is their favorite exoplanet. In their free time, Wynter can usually be found playing video games, taking walks, and helping their youngest brother with math homework.


AARON DAVIS is UW Bothell senior who will graduate in 2021 with a Bachelor in Health Studies, and double minor in Global Health and Health Education and Promotion. They have a passion for public health research and education, and they aspire to work as a researcher with health disparities. Aaron believes strongly in the power of community, and is a student representative on many UWB

committees, in addition to being a student research assistant. Outside of school they enjoy serving marginalized communities as a shelter program manager and advocate, as well as participating in the arts.


KATIE SUE EICHNER is a senior graduating with a major in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior and a minor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Without a specific career in mind, she looks forward to using the skills she’s learned from her time working the ARC and participating on the S&A Committee, the SAF Committee, and SFAC. She appreciates all the professors throughout the years who have indulged and graded her assignments based on Avatar: The Last Airbender as well as all those who have served as mentors over the past four years.


HIELEN ENYEW is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Washington with the intended majors of Astronomy and Physics. She is currently a part of “Characterizing Trends of Atmosphere of Exoplanets” research here at UWB with Dr. Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo. She is also a mentor and a tutor to incoming and current High school students at the Alene Moris Women’s Center with their Making Connections program. In addition to being a mentor and a tutor with Making Connections, she also puts in time volunteering at Church, Seattle Public Libraries and with the outreach programs affiliated with League of Astronomy on UW Seattle campus. She is passionate about space and space science, in her free time she likes hiking, telescope gazing, reading books, watching movies and spending time with her family.


GABRIELLE FOX is a University of Washington Bothell class of 2019 graduate. She received her bachelor’s degree as a double major in gender, women, sexuality studies and society, ethics, and human behavior with a minor in diversity studies. Fox is presently working as a freelance writer while continuing to promote an agenda of feminist activism and social justice work.


JESSICA HEITZMAN is a professional Registered Nurse in Seattle, Washington currently pursuing her Bachelor in Science of Nursing at University of Washington-Bothell. Initially finding passion for critical care nursing, the curriculum at UWB has inspired a transition into public health, which she will pursue after graduating in June 2020. Through her work she hopes to make a positive impact to her patients and lasting improvements to the health of her community. She plans to return to school in 2021 to pursue a Doctorate in Nursing Practice in Population Health at University of Washington, where she can broaden her knowledge and create a foundation for leadership in her profession.


JAKOB JOHNSON (Jamie Sanford) will graduate in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in chemistry. He is currently working towards a career in molecular biology, which combines his passions for chemistry, biology, and research. He is excited to be submitting to the CROW again, after his 2019 publication on Bēowulf, Infallibility through Duality.


PHOEBE ANGELINA KERYTE is in the Health Studies program at the UW Bothell. After graduation, she will continue her academic journey and will attend the Accelerated Nursing Program at the University of Washington. Her interests have always been to give back within her tribal community as being a nurse in the maternal health care field. She received her A.A. at Northwest Indian College and been able to intern for Indigenous tribes such as the Swinomish, Lummi, and Maori. Overall her passion comes from her tribal community and she enjoys working with the elder and infants.


ALLEN LEWIS is an undergraduate senior majoring in Biology and Health Studies. He enjoys writing and singing music and enjoys learning about science and technology. He has conducted undergraduate research on the topics of HIV and microbiomes on the UW Bothell campus. After graduating from UW Bothell, he wants to become a biomedical scientist, to study diseases and conduct research on treatments and cures for diseases.


LINDSEY MCCORMICK will be graduating in Spring 2020 with a Bachelors in Mathematical Thinking and Visualization, working towards a career in data analytics. She is planning on working towards a graduate certificate in Software Design after graduation. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, going to concerts, fitness, and spending time with her dog and friends.


APRIL OERTLE is a third-year transfer student at U.W. Bothell majoring in Chemistry. She started her academic career at U.C. Davis and obtained her Wilderness E.M.T. from the National Outdoor Leadership School. She is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society. After graduation, she plans to attend medical school to further her education in emergency medicine in order to serve rural communities. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her corgi in Washington’s great outdoors and volunteering at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center.


EMILY PERSON is a senior who will be graduating in June of 2020. She plans to pursue a career in environmental studies which ideally would lead to a job in environmental consulting or environmental education. In her free time Emily enjoys hiking, rafting with her family, and visiting as many national parks as she can. She looks forward to graduating and is excited to see where the future takes her.


KIMBERLY RICE is a senior who is graduating in June 2020 with a double major in Nursing and Health Studies. She is a currently practicing Registered Nurse who appreciates being able to incorporate a public health perspective into her every day practice through her Health Studies courses. Throughout her coursework at UWB, she has had the opportunities to work with and support local

communities who have been affected by various life obstacles such as financial hardships,chronic health insecurity, domestic violence, and food and housing insecurity. This work alone has produced an interest and motivation to create health policy change for vulnerable populations.She hopes to further pursue this interest as a graduate student in the near future through a Nurse Practitioner program.


SHUSHMITHA RADJARAM is a sophomore intending to major in Computer Engineering and minor in Mathematics. She is fascinated with the power of technology and its applications to science, math, and data. She has been focusing on improving the data collection and representation processes of the exoplanet atmospheres research she is a part of. This summer she will be interning at T-Mobile on a data architecture team, and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about data and computer science. Shushmitha is also a dancer on Natya UW- The University of Washington’s competitive Indian classical dance team.


ELISABETH SCHNEBELE is a third-year undergraduate pursuing a degree in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. Elisabeth is passionate about social justice issues and channels much of her activism through writing. Currently, she works at the UWB Writing and Communication Center as a peer consultant. She intends to continue expanding her writing skills to use in her future career as an author and journalist. Elisabeth is hopeful that this will be her first publication of many.


KARINA SYROVA is a second-year student majoring in Health Studies. She plans to continue her education by applying to osteopathic medical school, to pursue a focus in radiology or surgery. Being Pacific-Northwest raised, she loves to be in nature. As well, she enjoys drawing, music, and reading in her free time. Her interest in Ayurveda began at an early age from the teachings of Dr. Vasant Lad, and continues learning about it to this day.


DACIA WAGNON recently transferred to UW Bothell and will graduate Winter 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Studies. She has been deeply shaped by her unconventional upbringing in Texas, where she was homeschooled alongside her four siblings. She approaches her public health studies with the philosophy that health is an individual’s ability, through resource access, to prevent

disease, treat/combat challenges, and maintain positive emotional, social, physical, mental, and/or spiritual well being. After graduating, she will pursue a career as a public health professional in a role where she can advocate for female reproductive health and knowledge access.


CLIFF WATSON will graduate in June 2021 with a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing and poetics from UW Bothell. He has a Bachelor of Science from Brown University and a Master of Science from UW Seattle in applied mathematics. He writes prose, poetry, and lyrics, and enjoys experimenting with multi-media and live performance settings. In 2017, his piece, Dialogue about croquet

in a library, was set to music by Lili Kung, and performed by acrobats in a handstand circus act. In 2019, Cliff explored a diversity of forms, including song, screenplay, cartoon, and haibun, in his chapbook, Transformation. Cliff has been a program manager, software engineer, opera soloist, professional chorister, musical theatre actor, olde-tyme commercial reenactor, and circus set builder. He is an Assistant Career Advisor in UW Bothell’s Career Services department. Cliff grew up in Eastern Washington and Hong Kong, and lives in Bellevue, Washington with his family.


TYLER YOUN is a senior majoring in Health Studies. He is applying to dental school this year to become a dentist. Throughout his academic journey, he worked as a lab assistant in UW Physiology and Organic Chemistry department. To explore his interest in dentistry, he participated as a dental scholar in the UW Summer Health Professions Education Program in 2016 and the UW Healthcare

Alternative Spring Break in 2018. He also started working and volunteering as a state registered dental assistant since 2016 at a local private practice and non-profit organization for underserved populations. He is grateful for the opportunity to publish his research paper in the 2020 edition of the CROW.

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