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2024 Editorial Board


Morgan Fu-Mueller (he/they) is a second-year Psychology major with legal aspirations. He loves
to think about K-pop, play D&D, and make art, drawing on all of that to advance his writing. As a
WaCC tutor, they’re passionate about enabling people to convey their points in their own voices,
and making academic writing more accessible. Their experience with topics in the medical field
stems from growing up around doctors and in hospitals, with lots of gory anecdotes over the dinner
table. They’re excited to be working with the CROW editorial board this year, to gain experience
with a wide variety of writing in a new environment and help produce the best and silliest issue yet.

Newton (Newt) Austria-Ball (they/them) is in their second year as an undergraduate at UWB.
They are following a path towards majoring in Biology to later become a Doctor of Pharmacy,
while also minoring in Creative Writing. They love all kinds of writing and being able to help
others with their writing which is what led them to becoming a writing tutor. This is their first year
on the CROW Editorial Board. Having lived in an underprivileged area for most of their life, they
want to help shed light on those who do not have ready access to healthcare, advocating for more
affordable and accessible healthcare. In their free time, they like taking walks in the wetlands and
learning about plants and medication. As well as, writing, playing and learning how to play new
instruments, and painting.

phoenix kai vaughan-ende (they/them) is a poet, writer, and multimedia artist located on the
unceded Indigenous lands of the Coast Salish peoples in Seattle, WA. they received their BA in
Ethnic Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder and are working toward their MFA in
Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington Bothell. their work has appeared
in Sweet: A Literary Confection, Beyond Queer Words, The Timber Journal, and elsewhere. their
work is currently fascinated with queer belonging, physics, identity, speculative futures, and
mythological retellings. In their practice, they strive to do the undoable, to laugh in the face of
gravity and frolic among the stars.

Robin Stone (he/them) is in their last undergraduate year at UWB. As a Health Studies Major, they
have a personal passion for working to treat Alzheimer’s and it’s related dementias; working to help
the individuals, families, and communities devastated by the disease. Outside of mountain biking
and playing Dungeons & Dragons, he is also a devout Mormon and Christian, who advocates for
an authentically faith filled life while still being authentically queer.

Sabine Drake (she/her/hers) is a third-year undergraduate student. She is currently a Health Studies
major, intending to minor in Chemistry in the hopes of pursuing her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
career. She is passionate about public health research and community disparities, as well as her
work as a Veterinary assistant. She enjoys writing and reading, especially surrounding healthrelated
topics. This is her first year working with the CROW editorial board, and she is looking
forward to expanding her abilities and knowledge in working with others and their writing. In her
free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, being outside, and of course, spending time
with her two adorable dogs.


Andrea Stone, PhD.

Erik Echols just some guy

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