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2023 Editorial Board


Annie Nguyen (she/her/hers) is in her senior year. She is currently studying Health Studies and minoring in Health Education and Promotion. She intends on getting her CHES license after she graduates in Spring 2023. This is her first year working with The CROW editorial board. She is hoping to improve her writing and create meaningful connections. She enjoys catching up with friends, reading, singing, and writing poetry in her free time.

Bentley Artison (he/him/his) is in his senior year. He is following a pathway towards a major in Health Studies and a minor in Science, Technology and Society (STS). Being a Seattle native, he plans on attacking a career in public health that will shed more light on the health disparities being faced between communities here in King County. Besides his involvement with the CROW, he can be found enjoying time with his family, making music, traveling, and working out, and oh yeah movies… lots of movies. As this is his first year working with the CROW, he is glad to see this journal gain its altitude and take flight!

Daniel Curtin (he/him/his) is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in both Health Studies and Biology, with a minor in Biochemistry (and a self-described lab rat). He plans to pursue a career in biomedical research, with intentions of attending medical school to pursue a career in pathology or toxicology. He is a strong advocate for health equity, particularly among Indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities, where his passion for research and advocating for his communities lies. He lives in Lake Forest Park with his partner and their spoiled dog, Hafiz. This is his first year on the CROW Editorial Board, and he is very excited to delve into great undergraduate research.

Grace Woods (she/her/hers) is a third year transfer student in the Community Psychology program with a Policy Studies minor. In a previous edition of her life, she lived on Orcas Island where the ravens knew her by face, and now enjoys that familiarity with the crows along the Snoqualmie river. There, she lives with her partner, his son, and their furry and scaled family members. Together they enjoy connecting with the natural world and dismantling the corporate dominating narrative. Though English is her only well-known language, she enjoys breaking and expanding its confines and rules, both academically and amateurly. Spring ‘22 was her first quarter as a board member.

Layla Youssef (she/her/hers) is a senior undergraduate double majoring in Global Studies and American Ethnic Studies with a minor in Diversity. She is passionate about cultural research and understudied histories, which led to her interest in joining the CROW. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to study museology and work towards ethical collection processes within museums. She currently works as a Tutor at the UWB Writing and Communication Center. In her free time, she enjoys writing stories, watching movies, and doing spontaneous deep dives into any random topics of interest that come to mind.

Sakshi Bhise (she/her/hers) is a senior graduating in spring 2023 with a double-major in Media and Communication Studies and Law, Economics, and Public Policy. She loves the writing process because with every piece of new writing, the author goes through a journey. This unique journey for every author makes her passionate about writing. She currently works at the Writing and Communication Center at UWB as a Lead Peer Consultant. In her free time, she likes to read books, paint, and even dance.

Sidra Yousaf (she/her/hers) is a fourth-year undergraduate student currently majoring in Community Psychology, as well as Biology, and minoring in neuroscience. She intends on going to medical school and specializing in neurology. This is her third year on the CROW board. She is passionate about social justice issues, especially those that take place in healthcare. Her passions also include psychology and behavioral neuroscience. She currently works as a Lead Peer Consultant at the Writing and Communication Center at UWB. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and painting, as well as watching movies.


Andrea Stone, PhD.

Erik Echols

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