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2017 Editorial Board

Anaistasia Gray will graduate in Summer 2017 with a Bachelors of Arts in Health Studies. Upon graduation, she plans to attend Graduate School to study Public Health. Her experiences as a Certified Nursing Assistant and volunteering with organizations addressing health care access have driven her passion for researching inequities in health care. She believes solutions to aid underserved populations are rooted in understanding various communities, thought processes, and disciplines. She feels her work in journal drafting and editing makes her contributions to the CROW an exciting way to guide others to publish their work and make the interdisciplinary connections necessary to progress in healthcare.

Julianne Korn will graduate in June 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies and a Minor in Education & Society. Her experiences so far have included internships with the Hope Heart Institute in Community Health Education and Public Health – Seattle & King County in Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention. Her passions include working with children around education and food access, as well as making changes to impact health disparities in her communities. Julianne has always enjoyed writing and research, and is excited to expand her experiences on campus through working with The CROW.

Katelyn Oppengard is a first year graduate student in the MFA Creative Writing and Poetics program at UW Bothell. Her undergraduate degrees are in English Literature and Creative Writing from California State University, Long Beach. Although much of her current work is focused in creating poetry, her background specializes in research of Early Modern English playwrights and Bloomsbury literature. Continuing her undergraduate passion of working with students’ writing, Katelyn works as a peer consultant at UWB’s on-campus Writing and Communication Center. She is excited to use her skills as a writer and tutor in this new environment of The CROW’s editorial board.

Anna Perry will graduate in Spring 2017 from the School of Nursing and Health Studies with a B.A. in Health Studies. Her interests in study range from community advocacy, social justice, and gender equality. In the future, Anna has hopes to take these interests and use the knowledge gained to help heal victims of violence by defending vulnerable populations and inspiring families to live in unity. Working on the CROW is a great opportunity that will motivate Anna to explore a new horizon of work as well as strengthen the various skills she has developed over the years at UWB. Her work in the health field, often as an active listener and support giver, will play an important role as an editorial board member of the crow as she strives to give a voice to anyone looking to get published.

Anna-Marie Rinaldi will graduate in the Spring of 2017 with a B.A. in Health Studies and a minor in Policy Studies. Upon graduating, Anna will enter the workforce where she hopes to gain real-world knowledge of the Healthcare field. She plans to work for some years before going to graduate school for a Masters in Health Administration. Before working on The CROW Anna had taken part in undergraduate research on campus that focused on Adolescent and Immigrant Health. Working on undergraduate research led her interests in The CROW, because she wanted to take part in examining final research papers. Anna believes that as an editor of The CROW she can not only bring her unique ideas, but will also learn creative ways to collaborate with other students as well as the entire editorial board.

Jenny Sims is a senior at UW Bothell and will graduate in the spring of 2017 with a B.A. in Health Studies. She currently holds an A.A. degree from Shoreline Community College and plans to pursue graduate school in the near future. Jenny’s health and science interests are varied, but she is particularly drawn to studying the social determinants of health and how they affect a person’s mental health and their quality of life. She hopes to find a career that will allow her to combine her interests in public health, social work, and global studies. Jenny is excited to be part of The CROW editorial board and looks forward to honing her own writing skills while learning how to help others improve theirs.

Henry Welch will graduate in Spring 2017 with a B.A. in Community Psychology from the school of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences.  His experience as a Peer Consultant at the Writing and Communication Center will help him in collaborating with students on their submissions. He is interested in science, research, and the production of knowledge. The CROW provides a unique opportunity to be a part of that process with his peers.  He is excited to take part, and learn about the research being done on our campus.  

Victoria Wettmarshausen has a B.A. in English Literature from Hamburg University and will graduate in Spring 2017 from the University of Washington Bothell with a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. Her interests in the program include literature and poetry, globalization, feminism, and utopia. She works as a Peer Consultant and Graduate Student Liaison at the Writing and Communication Center and just started a publishing internship. She is an editor on the CROW and hopes to go on into publishing after her graduation.


Additional Board Members:

Gabby Alvarado

Sara Alzeer


Andrea Stone, PhD.

Erik Echols

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