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2016 Editorial Board


Nicholas Begley will graduate with his Bachelor of Arts from the School of Nursing and Health Studies from the University of Washington Bothell at the end of Spring 2016. His passion for research and policy will take him directly into the Masters of Arts in Policy Studies, also at UW Bothell, where he can focus on sustainable agriculture policy with an emphasis on how it impacts human and environmental health. Nick has spent a lot of time on campus conducting research in the conservatory on campus relating to hydroponics and the growing of agricultural crops. He hopes to one day create his own foundation dedicated to education, research and policy analysis that focuses on addressing issues surrounding the access to food. As an member of the editorial board, Nick hopes to encourage other students to showcase their work and drive awareness towards their research.

Bartel H. Broussard will graduate in Spring 2016 with a B.A. in Society Ethics & Human Behavior. Once graduating, he hopes to go on to physical therapy school. His interests in study range from biology and physics to human rights and sociology. In the future, Bartel would like to find a way to combine all of these interests with physical therapy. Before working on the CROW, Bartel was a member of the UWB Policy Journal editorial board. He is also in his third year of working at the UWB Writing and Communication Center (WaCC), as a Peer Consultant. Bartel believes that working on the CROW is a great opportunity for him to combine his academic interests, and also provides an outlet for the skills that he has developed while working on the Policy Journal and at the WaCC.

Michelle Fessler will graduate in Summer 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Studies, and Culture, Literature, and the Arts. Throughout her time at the University of Washington Bothell she has worked on many student publications. She was an editor on Clamor, UWB’s literary and arts journal, from 2013-2015, helped revive the Husky Herald in the beginning of 2015, and now she is an editor on The CROW. She also worked as a Peer Consultant at the Writing and Communication Center, and has taken up the managing editor position at The Monolith: Science Fiction Short Stories. After graduation, she hopes to pursue publishing or education.

Heather Hewitt is a senior at UW Bothell, and will graduate in the spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies. Heather is also the coordinator for two related research projects on campus. After graduation, Heather plans to work in health care while pursuing a Masters in Health Administration. As a fellow researcher and self-described grammar nerd, Heather is excited to be a part of The CROW’s editorial board in its inaugural year.

Tanya Kumar is a sophomore graduating in the summer of 2018. She will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Arts from the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and a Bachelor’s in Science from the School of Biological Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. She is hoping to pursue pre-dental, and later become a pediatric dentist. For the past year, she had taken part in a biological research study with professor Chang, and values the unique and exciting knowledge gained from a research experience. This is her first time, being part of a journal editorial board and is thrilled to see the journal grow throughout her next few years in college.


Andrea Stone, PhD.

Travis Sharp

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